Senin, 09 April 2012


        Hi I am from Indonesia, I lavechia Concetta, I like to listen to the song and listen to the radio! I am a student I am 14 years old in Indonesia, my interest long into the virtual world of fun, especially me who loves to write short stories and novels I love to read but I do not have a lot of book reading
        My goal is a writer and filmmaker, but lately I have to involve the field of cosmetology salons such as designer clothes and some say do not really know much about the people who know me, I own me a lot of pretty weird because I like the public as I like my women like Dracula-like figure, I like the number 666 I think it looks cool, I like my favorite movie 'Hellboy' and I liked the song hardcore.emo.rock. the usual loud songs boys like but I am a music lover of all streams
         I was the person who likes things beyond normal human reasoning, especially liked the Italian state also that I think Italian is a beautiful country I want to go there even for its occasional
I think the country is very different from where I believe I am also learning Italian language little by little, as I was watching the news on television something about Italy, I would love to watch it until they run out, so I know about Italy, just know the capital of Italy 'Rome', is the currency of Italy is the Euro, the famous building is the tower pissa, Colosseum amphitheater, pizza and spaghetti are typical italian food, then the island is the island menyermkan Poveglia in Italy
         In my country are not very open to see the news about Italy via the internet, I guess if I have a genuine friend of Italy would be fun, so I can know a lot when I was looking for an encyclopedia of the Italian and then I look on google it was very exciting for me.